The project

“We would like to make people talk about what their local identity is about and raise awareness for what connects them as a community within their living environment.”
(Ministry of Heimat, Kommunales, Bau und Gleischstellung of North Rhine-Westphalia)

The concept of home is colourful and versatile and gets its various definitions mainly from the togetherness of people, from similarities and differences, that make us aware of our individual and mutual identity. The call of the ministry of Heimat, Kommunales, Bau und Gleischstellung of North Rhine-Westphalia started our project “#buntespaderborn – wir l(i)eben Heimat” in 2020.

Initiated by Nora Liebetreu, Karsten Strack and Sarah Mevers, the project is about the concept of home and its variety in definition and use. According to the philosophy of our promotor Vorlesebande e. V. the project is based on an integrative, inclusive and intergenerational direction and interconnectedness. We focus on the “Riemekeviertel” in Paderborn, which suits perfectly as a site for such a project because of its diversity and its distinct sociocultural features as well as its central location.

We would like to use the medium art/culture to work out similarities and differences regarding the concept of home.

You are most important for our project –

it initiates and lives from participation and exchange. In the year 2020 and beyond we would like to figure out, work out and review the concept of home in workshops, discussions, interviews, artwork and more together with you.

The centre of our project will be the beautiful Riemekeviertel.

We’re looking forward to your participation and to long term visualize and extravert the diversity of the Riemekeviertel together.