The Riemekeviertel

The development plan for expanding the city in the late 19th century laid the foundation for the Riemekeviertel. First planned as a working class neighbourhood, the district, which is situated to the west of the medieval town walls of Paderborn, is nowadays seen as a hotspot, known for its different influences of epochal architecture, but more than that for its gastronomical, cultural and ethical diversity.

This day, about 23.000 people from different nations live around the Riemekepark. In general, the Riemekeviertel is a popular living quarter, as it offers quiet and relaxation as well as the possibility to visit one of the traditional bars of the neighbourhood or enjoy the culinary diversity. For creative artists, the district is an attractive area, both to live and to work. The Paderborner Kulturwerkstatt provides cultural entertainment and a diverse programme.

Although the Riemekeviertel is situated near the city centre, it defines itself also as an independent district with its own carnival parade and other local celebrations like the week of events “Kultur hinter Höfen”, which takes place every summer and offers cultural events, a traditional flea market, live acts and an ecumenical service.